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Get to Know Paula J. Cialella 


My Career 

My law career started with attending the University of Pittsburgh for my undergraduate, which continued with my acceptance into New York Law School. Once I obtained my law degree, I practiced in New York until later starting my own solo practice here in New Castle in 1995.

What I do

The law is complicated and can be confusing to the untrained eye. Do you feel that you have been wronged but have no idea where to start? -

Cialella Law has been providing comprehensive and easy to understand counsel to the people of Lawrence County since 1995. I know how overwhelming the legal process can be, especially when you are under an enormous amount of stress. This is why my goal is to help you understand your rights and the issues affecting your case.

I am an attorney, yes, but I never forget that my clients are people with unique emotions and values. I keep you involved and will personally guide you in making important decisions about your unique situation both calmly and effectively. I let you know what is going on at every stage and explain every small detail so that you are in charge.

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